DNA Mikrosatelit CSSM018 and ILSTS054 of Garut Sheep

Nama : Wahyu Hidayat
Pembimbing : Cece Sumantri Achmad Farajallah
Tanggal Lulus : 2005
Judul Skripsi : DNA Mikrosatelit CSSM018 and ILSTS054 Manner and also Relation with Productivity of Garut Sheep
Priangan Sheep or which more knowledge as Garut sheep is fighting type, which is cross breed between Merino, Kaapstad and Java sheep. Genetic marker applicable to identify the specific location of one or some gene in~uencing quantitative character, were called as “quantitatif trait loci” (QTL). QTL its very importance for utilization of marker assisted selection (MAS) to get the desired animal livestock. one of them is callipyge gene. Sheep expressing callipyge character have the advantage inclusive there are increasing of feed efficiency, carcass wight expressed by as weight percentage of life, wide of longissimus muscle (sirloin eye) and carcass commercial cutting of sheep (foot. shoulder and hip). In order to explore the existence of this gene, in this research use the mikrosatelit CSSM018 and ILSTS054 as genetic markers. This research was conducted at laboratory of Zoology, the Faculty of Mathernatic and Natural Science, Eogor Agriculture Institute. The sheep material of this research was 59 PUSLITNAK’s garut sheep, Eogor. Genotip frequency of CSSM0181ocus were 38,89% (CC), 27,78% (BE), and 11,11% (M AC and EC) meanwhile ILSTS054 DNA mikrosatelit were 42,31% (AA), 32,69% (AC), 13,46% (AB), 7,69% (CC) and 3,85% (BC). Heterozigosity degree CSSM018 DNA mikrosatelit and ILSTS054 were 0,6286 and 0,5024 and avarage heterozigosity was 0,5655.

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