Molecular Identification of Tadpoles in Java

Nama : Luthfia Nuraini Rahman  G352100031
Pembimbing : Achmad Farajallah Mirza Dwi Kusrini
Tanggal Lulus :  
Judul Thesis : Deskripsi morfologi, identifikasi molekular dan posisi filogeni berudu di Pulau Jawa berdasarkan gen 12SrRNA dan 16SrRNA
¬†   Morphological Description, Molecular Identification and Phylogenetic Relationship of Tadpoles in Java Island Based on 12S rRNA and 16S rRNA Genes
Within life cycle of frogs, larval phase is the most difficult phase to identify, as well as an important phase in the development of Anuran. This study aims to identify tadpoles using morphological and molecular characteristics and to assess the phylogenetic of Anuran in Java Island based on tadpoles. Molecular phylogenetic relationship of tadpoles was estimated using 1362 bp of sequences from the 12S and 16S rRNA genes. Morphological characteristics showed that tadpole samples (N=94) were differentiated to 17 species in 6 families. Based on molecular characteristics there are high similiarty between O. hosii and L. hasseltii, and between F. limnocharis and F. iskandari. Anuran as monophyletic group was well-supported except for Rhacophorid based on 12S rRNA gene. Based on 12S and 16S rRNA genes P. aspera was more closely related to of B. japonicus, while F. limnocharis was more closely related to F. iskandari based on 12S, 16S and 12S-16S rRNA genes.

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